Quotes added on Monday, December 27 2010

i'd catch a grenade for ya,
throw my hand on a
blade for ya,
jump in front of a train for ya,
you know i'd do
anything for ya
When the windows in the car are foggy i can'thelp but draw on them with my finger.

⇒ Doesn't 
Oscar from Fish Hooks
looks like a broccoli?

~Secrets of Me~ #1

I sometimes wish i could travel back in time, and say something different.


Why do I fit in your arms so perfectly?
And why do I feel so at home there?


alright, so i know like 99% of you guys here on witty won't read this because it's not "pretty".
everything doesn't have to be all dolled up sometimes.
black and white can be pretty too.
and in my opinion, all these quotes saying "i wish i could be that girl who everybody think's is pretty"...you are gorgeous in every little way. in your OWN ways.
stop wishing to look like somebody else.
you're beautiful just the way you are <3
don't let anybody tell you different.
and just remember...you're beautiful (:

life is not measured by the number of breaths we take;
but my the moments that
take out breath away.♥

When you are walking down the hallway, and one random guy smells really good. 

"To live
is the most rarest things in the world.
Most people exist,

that is all "
Always & Forever That's The Pinky Promise
We Have Made.
You're The Reason Why I Smile
Every Start Of The Day.
& I Hope You Know I Mean It
 Every time That I Say

I Love You.
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