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What's this thing
You call "
Is is contagious?!
Don't touch me!!
I might catch
Your "

TeeHee =D


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like if its just one of thoose days when taylor swift cant even make you feel better


Green is the new Black 

Team Green!


so i'm basically  your average teenage girl

my hair never stays the way i want it to, my room can not stay
clean for more than a day, and there is this boy i am absolutely

   crazy about

Im sorry but im almost in love with you can you get ugly somehow?
Okay, so im not perfect. And i know that. But neither are you. And you have to be taught a lesson. so stop showing off and get a life !!!
Do u like a guy? yeahh.
What color is his hair: blonde.
What style is it:  shaggy/skater.
What color eyes: they change between blue & green.
Braces: no.
Abs: yess.
Height: 5'1O".
What grade is he in: 11th
How did you meet him: online.
How long have you known him: 5 months.
Would you consider him your friend: yes.
Would he consider you his friend: yes.
if you asked him for a hug would he give you one: yeah.
Does he play any sports: soccer.
Can he play the guitar: i don't think so.
What about any other musical instruments: no.
Last thing he said to you: "bye."
Do you guys ever text: yeah.
How about AIM: sometimes.
Facebook chat: no.
Last time you were on his Facebook profile: earlier.
Have you "liked" his profile picture: no.
Has he ever commented on any of your photos: no.
Has he ever written on your wall: nah.
Describe something he would wear on a typical day: jeans & a tee.
What's your favorite thing you've seen him wear: jeans & a tee.
Least favorite thing: he lives so far away.
Has he ever let you wear his hoodie/jacket: no.
What do his sneakers look like: i've never seen them.
Do you know what his favorite bands/singers/songs are: yes.
What song best describes your attitude towards him: missin' you remix.
What would be his theme song: fearless.
Do you know when his birthday is: may 12th.
Has he ever given you anything (such as jewelry, candy, pencils, etc): no.
Do you have any classes together: no.
Do you think that he likes you back: yes.
Do your friends know that you like him: mhm.
Do any of your teachers know that you like him: nahh.
Does he know that you like him: yes.
Do you parents know he exists: kinda...
Do they know that you like him: no.
Do you think they would like him if you were dating him: mhm.
Have you met his parents: no.
What would you do if he read this survey: nothing.
Why do you like him: he's just amazing.♥
why do i listen to music?

because it makes me smile when no one else can.


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getting that  

n i n j a  f e e l i n g
when your teacher calls on you thinking
your not paying attention

and you get the answer right
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