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Nobody understands me except my friends. And I'm not talking about the skanks who say they'd never turn against me, because I see how they back stab each other. Sure, they haven't hurt me yet but I assure you, they will. I mean nobody truly knows my secrets like he did. Nobody knows my fears like he did and I'm positive that nobody knows my dreams like he did. He was truly my best friend. I knew our friendship was drifting apart but I didn't know my best friend, and im talking all time best friend (a girl) would be the one to tear us apart. I feel so hurt by all this and to tell ya the truth, I've been crying myself to sleep because of it </3

Ry, I love you.

[[Bestfrand :'(
I'm the type of girl to let you walk away.
I'm not going to fight for you,
or tell you all the reasons why you should stay. 
I wont cry,
I'm just going to pick myself up,
wipe my knees from where I fell,
and skip through life again.
I'd love for you to stay,
but I'll do just fine without you.

everytime i see you a voice in my head screams



A roller coaster, to say the least. You've... altered my perspectives on highschool crushes. you can make my entire day in less than 10 words. It scares me, really. I replay our conversations over and over again in my head, but I know you dont do the same. But maybe i dont know. How did you remember what i said from roughly a month ago? I cant believe you were listening. How does one smile, one friendly glance, set my heart on fire, and make my stomache swing? You can move my entire body from 10 feet away, just with your eyes. I dont love you, i cant claim anything like that. But i sure as hell like you. Way too much i suppose. and you dont feel the same. And man, it hurts like hell. I geuss were close again, but not like before. I can tell you, almost every thought of mine is about kissing you. I regret turning you down in my kitchen. Seriously... terrible mistake. And youll never read this, and maybe never know. but i have so much to say to you. I know itll screw with what we have, so ill keep my mouth shut for now. Im so scared Nick. youre gonna come over when marissas here. Which means i practically get to watch you hit on another girl, at my house. Maybe not though. Please, PLEASE, pull through for me. I need you to love me.
p.s. you never came.
you are

Secret #24
I wish that was me in her place.

we will be


You will suffer and you will hurt,
you will have joy and you will have peace.

 what do i want from you?
   do you seriously need to ask that question?
          i want you to come over to my house and kiss me. i want you to hug me in the halls and acknowledge my presence. i want you to care.i want you to want me.

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