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I feel like crying. :\


You can never just be
just friends with somebody
you used to love,
simply because a little part
of you will always love them.
I should know.


i want to move
f a r  a w a y .
*not my format

We hardly remember the moments that made us smile
but we seem to always remember the moments that made us cry

fav if you dont no what half the buttons when your making a quote are for

Want to know why you can never draw the same heart twice?                 <3       
Its because no two hearts are exactly the same and the love they give is different.







So, there's this boy..

The way he laughs
makes me smile

When i'm with him,

 i get butterflies.

and just everything
about him makes
me. smile

not mine

I hear this word way to much;
from people who don't even mean it</3  


& so i told him

I  L O V E  Y O U.

I think about you every day.
And dream about you every night.
And i couldn't imagine my world
without you.

And he turned around and
walked away.


But he came back
with a flower
kissed me on the cheek

and said
I  L O V E  Y O U  T O O.
Forever and Always.
You are all i
EVER think about.

and baby,



T h i s  i s  m i n e .

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