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Me: Did you make a wish on 11:11 ?
Him: yeah.
Me: What did you wish for ?
Him: You tell me ill tell you
Me: Ohkay.
HimYou. . and to be dead.
Me: i wished for you, but why to be dead ?
Him: Cause i don't have you.

True story happened like 2 mins ago <3
Life is a game ; PLAY IT
Life is a challenge ; MEET IT
Life is an opportunity ; CAPTURE IT


Who else thinks of
When they read,

i'm done with all the drama
And -- all -- stupid -- fights
Boy you're ([all i ever]) wanted in a guy
i loved ([you with all]) my heart;
Y o u. t o r e . i t . i n . p i e c e s,
Now :: you :: are :: Gone
----> Life was hard without you <----
[ But i can't stop my life just because you're gone ]


look it up.. fun and faster way to talk to us witty peeps(:

She had the most amazing;
i bet you didn't expect that.

- the maine <3




so , my boyfriend broke up with me . . . monday.
and i hookedup with someone else last night.
but i cant forget about my ex boyfriend.
does anyone have any advice they could give me?
my friends aren't helping out too well,
please help ?!
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