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My name is

Junie B. Jones. The "B" stands for Beatrice. Except,
I don't like Beatrice. I just like "B" and that's all.

Anybody else used
to read these books?

Not my format.


that you know might never happen

to give up especially when it's everything

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You are the best thing that's ever been mine♥
                                                                                                                       -Taylor Swift 

i love you


is eight letters...

so is,


This quote does not exist.
 I ' M   H U N G R Y.

*fave if you are too(;
I Really Hate
~When I'm Wearing Socks~
And I Step In Liquid-_- 



What is  Life ?
Look around you for a second.
Life is what happens to you right now.
While you are reading this.
That's you.
That's Life.


I shake my head. "Well, I’m technically in another relationship, and I’ve already ‘cheated’ on him with my best friend. I shouldn’t make it worse than it already is. . ."

"If you’re with Curtis right now, then you should definitely hang with me. He’s a bad influence and Mason would be much better off if you were to be with me. I’m better for you." He put his arm around my shoulders and leaned in, closer to my face.

"Well, as tempting as that sounds, you wouldn’t be next in line if I was to drop Curtis. So maybe if the second guy screws up I’ll consider you." I put my hand over his mouth, and gently push him away.

"You’re missing out on a great opportunity. They only come around a few times, so if you miss this one, it won’t happen again." He’s giving me a malicious grin and I’m half tempted to slap his face, but that wouldn’t be very nice payment for his information.

"I’m sure it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but I think I’ll just have to pass on this one. I thank you though for the offer. I really appreciate it. And thank you for your information." I paused my getaway plan, and gently pressed my lips to his for half a second. "Thank you. Really."

"My pleasure. If you need anymore information I’m sure I’ll find a way to get it to you. Trust me."

I grin and get up to leave for lunch. And then I wished I hadn’t. Mason was at the door, waiting for me, and I half wondered if he saw what happened with Gage and I. He didn’t say anything though, and I felt relieved. But then I remembered I was mad at him and caught Gage’s arm as he was walking past us.

"Wanna have lunch at my place today?"

Gage was just as shocked at my request as I was, but he agreed and we left without a second glance at Mason. I knew that Gage’s arm around my shoulders would be enough to make him furious with me though. And that was enough for me!

"Are we really going to your place?" He asked me, once we were in the parking lot. He led me to a raised Ford Bronco that was required him picking me up and placing me inside of it.

"Of course not! You’re taking me to your place so I can hide from him."

He shut my door for me and went around to his side. I was surprised to find the car fairly clean, considering that when I think of Bronco’s I imagine red neck junk littered all over the floor.

"To my place it is!" He fired up the engine and maneuvered it out of the parking lot in an exceptional manner. I knew I would never have been able to drive this thing without hitting something!

"I’m impressed. But then again I shouldn’t be since you have super powers and stuff." He looked at me in confusion. "With you being a werewolf and all?" He raised his eyebrows, still not knowing what I was talking about. "Driving this thing?!"

He laughed. "Ok, I get it now. I thought you were impressed with me going to lunch with you and I had no idea how that had anything to do with me being a werewolf and all."

I shook my head and smiled. "So what are you feeding me?" I asked, feeling my hunger begin to sink in. I hadn’t eaten breakfast, and I was afraid there was going to be some stomach grumbling in a few minutes if I didn’t eat soon.

"I’ll find something suitable for you. I usually just eat whatever I can find, but I’m sure there’s some hot pockets or something that will work." He flashed a grin at me and I rolled my eyes.

We pulled into the driveway of an immaculate home. There were colonial pillars supporting the porch of the house, with beautiful rose bushes placed delicately along the length of the porch. There were trees and flowers scattered tastefully across the lawn, and the pure white home was, in itself, the most gorgeous town home I had ever seen in my life.

I must have had shock written all over my face, because Gage laughed at me and pulled me through the drivers door to the floor. "It’s not the amazing, is it?"

I couldn’t pull myself together for words, so I just followed him into the home. We paused in the foyer before heading for the kitchen. He told me he was listening to see if his parents were home or not.

He motioned for me to sit at the high bar while he searched for some food. The kitchen screamed ‘Personal Chef’. I just knew it! There was no way this kitchen could look the way it did. My suspicions were confirmed when a nice looking woman walked in and asked us what we wanted to eat. Gage looked a little embarrassed, but brushed it away since he didn’t know what to feed me. I didn’t care what I ate, so she got out some chips and salsa while she prepared meat for homemade tacos.

"What are you thinking?" Gage asked, sitting next to me and brushing a strand of hair out of my face.

"Why are you embarrassed about this?" I gestured around the room and he shrugged.

"I just don’t like be associated as the rich kid. I get taken advantage of and thought of in ways that don’t apply to me."

"Like what?" I dipped a chip in the liquid spiciness and crunched it’s delicious flavor, savoring it before I swallowed.

"People just think I’m a stuck up brat since my parents have money and I don’t have financial worries."

"Well you have your own job, don’t you?" The salsa was hotter than I expected, and the only way to keep tears out of my eyes was to keep eating chips.

"Yes, but not very many people know about it."

What difference does it make if people think you’re rich or not? Heck, if I was rich I wouldn’t care what people thought. I would buy whatever I wanted! But looking at his face, I could tell that he really didn’t want to talk about it, so I switched the subject.

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