Quotes added on Thursday, December 30 2010

It's better to have a
broken heart
 no heart at all.

not my format;CREDIT TO WHOEVER.

  i was gonna join everyone and write a depressing quote
but then i realized
if i was given the opertunity from god to live
enjoy this earth
and try to figure things out
then hell.... thats good enough for me.
i will continure being happy now(:

 She's never gonna 
        l♥ve you

                                                 like I want to...

my format, credit please


She's afraid of being average,                                        
                                                   But she doesn't have to worry.
because the way she makes me feel     
is nothing near ordinar y♥       ♥♥
This quote does not exist.
 Format credit to hollingsworthx

Remember all the things we wanted? Now our memories,
they're haunted

We were always meant
to say goodbye.

Quote credit to ashdan

is a strong word.

if you believe in it, then fight for it.


.. Honey im pretty sure you're that one
jockinng in the first place.. wtf..

If your reading this...

        then i want you to know one thing...
                      you are
beautiful dont let ANYONE tell you different<3

Is it just me, or does my conditioner always run out before my shampoo?


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