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I'm pretty sure it's like
required in their
contracts for disney 
stars to sing. 
and they all suck. 


the only thing we were afraid to swallow was gum.

ikno im short
but you
have to tell 
me twice 


- this was for all the tall people lol

I hate it when you're texting a guy & they ask you out and you say no & then they go  oh that was my brother sorry. Like mhm.

 you just got rejectteddd xD

Don't give  up  on  guys  just yet girls,

they're not all the same,
                                                      trust me

When you look at a person.
(any person)
that everyone has a story.
everyone has gone through something
that has changed them.
don't judge by looks or what you heard.

you said you didn't want
see me hurt, so
did you
close your eyes
when you broke my heart?

not mine

The awkward moment: when the automatic toilet flushes and you are still peeing :/ 

Now, Romeo and Juliet
Bet they never felt, the way we felt,
& Bonnie & Clyde
never had to hide like we do, we do

Me and my boys be so fresh,


You might as well call us the Febreze Brothers.




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