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you fufill my fantasy !(:<3
 Now that you've reached your goal of driving me Completely Insane:
You can break down my walls,
But i will always be strong enough to keep going past it;

And Move On* ♥

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if you are
and you dont care 


Make your smile
change the world
but don't let the world
change your smile.


those days when...
you just want to give up and cry.

credit to iloveyouu2 for the format. is it already on here? sorry if it is.

So   Today    My     Old    Neighbors    Came   Over
They  Were  Telling  Us   Stories   About   How   They   Travel   A   Lot
Well  He  Was  Telling  Me  One  Of  How  When  They  Were   Going   To  Florida  For  Their  60th   Anniversary
And   How  They  Hold   Hands   When   They   Sit   Next   To  One   And   Other
And   A   Young   Gil    Asks   How    Long   They   Were   Married   He   Said
“60   Beautiful    Years”
She  Smiled  And  Asked  What  His  Secret    Was
He   Said
Well   You   Have   To   Be   Able    To    Cook

You   Have   To   Say  “I   Love   You”   Before   You   Go   To   Bed    And    After

And   They    Rest     Is

fave if you hava besfriend
comment on their name :)

my best friends name is noor(: and this quote is for herr(:


"how high can you get?"
meant swinging on a playground.

i asked him how many other girls he was txting at the same time as me...
he said: "2"
i asked him if he was chatting either of them up at the same time as me...
he said: "one of them is my mom"
i asked if he was chatting the other chick up at the same time as me...
he said: "no, of course not"
i asked him why he loves me since he could have so many other girls...
he said:
"ye, honestly, i could have lots of other chicks aeh but none of them are you. you are kind, caring, unique, special, sweet, cute, honest, funny and i love you... that's why babe"

i've definitely fallen for a sweetheart ;)

Remember that random fish on Spongebob that always shouted

Yeah, well he's most likely dead now. 
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