Quotes added on Friday, December 31 2010

It's been e x a c t l y
4 m o n t h s

sinche broke mheart

c a n   i   g e t   4   f a v s ?


If you're going to be two-faced,

at least make one side


That's just...

Was that an earthquake
or did I just rock your world?

Boys Are Stupid,
Throw Rocks At Them

My problem?

is that when i'm with him, i think about you<3

your the reason, my " <3's " mean love.

i never forget you.<3

your my bestfriend.<3

&&  i let myself love you.

Words can hurt or heal...
what did yours do today? 

The way you look at me i can't help but smile
Everytime i think of you i get butterflys.
i don't know what the future holds for us but i
don't care casue right now i'm yours.

I think I've figured out why that perfect guy hasn't showed up yet 
; He is still looking for the right pebbles to toss 

whoever said..
"what you don't know cant hurt you"

is a moron because from what i've been through
not knowing is the worst feeling in the 




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