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-When  you r  all  out of   mechanical pencils   and   realize  you  cant  write with  regular  ones  anymore. 

f v f


Justin Bieber
fave if you love him♥


cos I see sparks fly,
when ever you smile 
- taylor swift


jooisey shaaww


She's Better
Know For The Things That She Does On The

i hate when i see a really good quote
and i want to favorite it,

but then i notice that something isn't spelled right,
so i don't want to favorite it anymore.


-I  do  a  lot of  thinking
before  I go  to  sleep

I  play  scenes  in  my  head

I  practice  things   I  want  to  say
I  have  endless  "What ifs?"
I  make  plans  for  the  next  day
I  think  of  the  people  I  miss
I  think  of  the  people  I  hate
I  ask  myself  a  lot  of  questions

What  do  you  think  about?

i wonder if he ever really loved me

-"I think  he's  asleep...."

"Let's  poke  him  and  find  out!!" 



when your in a friend’s car then your favorite song comes on the radio  and you want to sing and dance to it but their parents are in the car.

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