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Holy poo


Me: hows the phone issues going 

Sam: better sorta i mean it works some times

Me: well sometimes is better than no times haha are you going to get a new phone?

Sam: no

Me: why not? bleh don't ignore me

Sam: you think i have money?

Me: idk one time you said you had like idk how much

Sam: haha bot ny more had to by lunch every day haha

Me: do you have a job

Sam: nooo

Me: go get one

Sam: hahaha

Me: oh oh you think i'm joking?

Sam: yes

Me: well good because I was

Sam: hahaha lol hahaha

Me: wow, hey i got money to spend on iTunes, help me out?

Sam: uhhhhh 'little lion man by mumford and sons?

Me: ill check it out

Sam: kk

Me: well I guess itunes hates me it wont let me get on

Sam: lol i no right

Me: hey homeskillet can i ask u somethin

Sam: no

Me: why not

Sam: : )

Me: your a butt monkey (:

Sam: i no

Me: haha wait so can I or not?

Sam: yes

Me: haha alright, now that you live way away from here do you ever wish that like we wern't so close and what not? honestly

Sam: i dont no i dont think about that stuff

Me: well if you thought about it right now what would u say

Sam: no

Me: do you think you will ever getta move home?

Sam: no clue

Me: your mom is going back to school or something similar to that right?

Sam: mabey

Me: things are not cool here without you, oh, hey, so I have gym 2nd semester 2nd period just like last year (:

Sam: :)

Me: haha I miss last year I member when you hurt your foot that time and left in the wheel chair or something

Sam: uhh no

Me: uh yes don't pretend like you don't remember it.

Sam: I don't

Me: ok then sam haha well do you remember when we played that one game were you had to do the jumpingness and get the ball to hit the matt and I could never get it then i got it

Sam: no damn

Me: how do you not remember that sam

Sam is offline.




*Maybe things are going to be alright*

That awkward moment when a breeze leaves the creature Kanye West found featherless and naked.

he may not see my hurt
he may not see my cries
but every time he acts
like he doesn't care,

i die a little inside


love    i s    when    you    shed    a    tear    but    s t i  l  l    want    him.
when he ignores you & you still
love him.
& it's when he loves another girl,
but you still
smile and say
"i'm happy for you"
when all you want to do is
///////// cry.


When the thinnest person in the room tells you they want to lose weight... 
I'm like  -_-

That awkward moment when:

the guy you like tells the girl you hate that she's skinny...

That moment of disappointment when you're sipping a drink out of a straw and you here that bubbly noise that means there's nothing left in the cup anymore

When you step on a crack; & it doesn't break your mothers back..
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