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[   w e   a r e   w h o   w  e   a r e   ]
 Dear history teacher, 

It's called history for a reason.
Lazy Student.

Not mine.

When you say I'm your best friend, I die inside because I know that's all I'll ever be to you. :(

I find it funny when:
 someone one waves and you wave back
but there really waving at the person behind
you its like ,wow thats embarrassing.

ever get that feeling when you think you should do something but your too scared to let it go?

                                        i do
.  -__-
Cause your my e v e r y t h i n g ! <3

looked cute today...
- - - » you missed out.

 not my format

I Love When My Health Teacher Tells Me I Suck The Fun Outta Everything Because I Wouldnt Say "S*IT" In His Class
I Hate You Too Mr. Bocek!
Black Backround
Just pass my heart
// one more time \\
even if you already said
g o o d b y e. < 3


hes not too popular
he is not a  jock, or  too  smart, and not  a prep
he gets into a lot of trouble 
wwerknowatwothrandomest peopltogether,
I have liked a lot guys before, but boy
I've never felt this way before.

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