Quotes added on Monday, January 17 2011

The Story Of My Life Will Now Start In 2011<3    
So far the best year of my life<333   

Secret #283
Don't worry, they'll love you. && if they don't I still will. <3

Secret #284
I haven't felt this way before. I love it. I love you. <3

Let me use you up tonight, give me

your mind...

two years of your life with him &

he says... you were his BIGGEST mistake

what you do when you thought you would never find love again
then all of a sudden you have two guys at your feet.

do you choose the one you always wanted to be with
but he always left you hanging

or do you choose the new guy who treats you like a queen
but has a bad past and reputation.

my heart says one my head says another.

i never thought i would be this torn :(

My guitar is not a thing.
It is an extension of myself.
It is who I am.
~Joan Jett~


some women choose to follow men,
and some women choose to follow their dreams.
If your wondering which way to go;
remember that your career will never
wake up in the morning and tell you
that it doesn't love you<3// 
>>Lady Gaga*

 ok say something and then wink. it makes everything seem dirty.
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