Quotes added on Friday, January 21 2011


Blasting the iPod.
Trying not to cry.
I'm On Facebook & Witty.
No text messages.
No school tomorrow.
Waiting for Monday.
Trying to get over him, It just gets HARDER everyday Cause i love him more & More everyday. </3

you sat there & watched my cry for 3 hours
you said everythings gana be ok ...
its      not      gana        be       ok
 boy im inlove with you
cant you see ?
you mean absolutly everything to me </3
im n o t h i n g without you
pwease come back, I need you ♥


You're my sunshine.

Just promise, never to burn me.

Those Moments When
all you wana do is be with the one you love &+ no one else </3

" Just Friends "
y e a h  t h a t  w o r d  k i l l s  m e </3

Sometimes it's just like i have nothing left.
I have a tendency to think this;
Everyone i know left me,
My enemy's love me.
Facebook is nothing.
Witty is out of reach.
Cell phone drowned in water.
iPod is lost.
My bed is gone & I'm sitting in the floor.
No one cares.
When really it's like this;
Everyone is a call away.
My enemy's hate me.
Facebook is on another tab.
Witty is currently on my screen.
Cell phone is only inches away from me.
iPod is on the nightstand.
My bed is right there in my room.
But still; No one cares either way...


I got ice in my veins
Blood In my eyes
Hate in my Heart
Love on my Mind
Lil Wayne*

"People change, memories don't."
Am i the only one with no school  tomorrow because of the snow & I really want to go to school just to see him...  </3
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