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Black Ops & Girls...
Both played by immature boys.


sorry if its already on here (:

Dear Facebook,
One day they'll abondon you too.
S i n c e r e l y ,
witty quotes are kind of like boys. if you don't keep looking, you might miss out on something truly great. <3 
i love you.
but then again I hate you.
You make me laugh so hard.
You make me cry so hard.
You talk to me all day.
You  ignore me all night.
You hug me when I see you.
You  won't kiss me when I see you.
You stole my heart.
You broke my heart.

Why do I still want more?


i never got over it, i just got used to it.

just when you've had enough, life gives you more.
just when you think it's rained enough, it starts to pour.





Okay. So, I'm watching TV.
Thinking about  what quote I should write.
Ugh. Hmmmmmmmmmm. I do not know. Poop.
Should I talk about her? My feelings? My friends?
Wait I'm writing one right now. WOW. CRAZY STUFF. LIFE IS AWESOME!

I wish I was Peter Pan 

So That I'd Never Have To Grow Up

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Dear Taylor Swift,
If this is of any interest to you, Romeo and
Juliet both killed themselves in the end.

S i n c e r e l y ,
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