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Maybe He Well Never mind... comment me on my profile if you want to know the rest

You know;

I don`t regret meeting you..

But what I do regret is;

falling for you..

I always hear that everything happens for a reason, I just can't figure out the explaination of you walking in and out of my life could be? But whatever it was, it was amazing while it lasted... I just wish it could last a little while longer...>>forever, please?<<
Love - is just a feeling... I Mean is it ever really real sometimes  maybe sometimes no
Today, I was listening to my iPod in my room, when out of nowhere it suddenly died. So, I decided to turn on the radio. Right before I did, I thought, "yeah, let me turn on the radio and listen to Grenade again". Of course, when I turn it on, Grenade starts playing.

I swear, they play that song on the radio way too often... why?
Am I the only one who tries to balance the light switch?

Birds.... Are like woman.. We all are beautiful.. We all can fly.. we all soar through the sky.. we all have our ups and downs.

Not Mine****


Headphones in... «

» Reality out.


&&♥& I have to wonder
if you could ever love me the way

i love you 
nnnnn a ---- IIIIILove you
credit to whomever

(c) 2010 embyx3
not my format;

I Always Hear Follow Your Dreams But Should I Follow The One That I Of Me Killing Myself  Because I'm Not With You

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