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I love this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful
thincallelife. ♥


"I have lied.  I told myself many times that I am doing my best.  I told myself this, to get away from fear.  All the years I've been praised for having potential, were true.  But having potential does not make the man.  Everyone is born with the potential to be somebody.  The ones strong enough to overcome the fear are the better man than me."

Your clothes are smooth and spotless, the air is putrid sewage. Downwind of your pressed church clothes. Your eyes are black and empty; your deeds are just for showing. How big and bright your fake smile glows. I see you moving and they're getting scared, their eyes are focusing on something else. You’re staring at me and I stare at you, I rage against everything that you do.

  just talking to him makes everything better ♥  

Maybe she isn't the most popular girl in school.

Maybe she isn't the prettiest girl you've ever seen.

She can't help that she doesn't have a clear face.

She can't help that she doesn't have perfect vision.

So what, if she doesn't have alot of friends?

So what, if she has a lisp?


If you actually took the time to talk to her and listen to her,

like I did,

Then maybe you would know what she has to go through everyday.

The dirty looks, the rude remarks.

What made you "hate" her so much?

She's a sweet, innocent, girl who did nothing to you.

And yet, you keep making fun of her.

It isn't right.

Don't be so quick to judge


Its A  Beautiful Day
Im Just HappyTo Be Alive
-Chiddy Bang ; Sooner or Later

Forever isn't as long as it used to be...


Your pretty eyes don't know that
the water flowing from this well isn't fresh.



I never get jealous when I see my ex with someone else because my Mom always told me to give my toys to the less fortunate
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