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when she smiles her whole face lights up. 
  but her heart is broken by a guy who doesn't love her.


I  am  not  a  perfect  girl.
my     hair      doesn't      always
stay      in      place      &      i      sp i l   l       things     ALOT.
pretty      clumsy      &      sometimes
I       have      a      
broken      heart.
My      friends      &        I      sometimes      fight    
 &       maybe      some       days      nothing     goes      right.
But      when      I      think      
about      it 
&     take      a      step      back.      I      remember       how      amazing      life       truly      is   .    &       that        maybe,       just      maybe,
I   like  being   imperfect.




on the first page

of our story
the future seemed so bright.

Not just another sound ; it's our lives .

him: tyrah
me: hmm?
him: my love for u burns like 1,000 suns
me: you got that from fairly odd parents
him: ik..but its so awsum...and it's exactly how i feel
me: awwwwwh


me: *cough
him: u ok babe?
me: yea
him: ok gud
me: smiles

           ^hope something eats you.[:


There is a place you can touch a girl
that will drive her crazy...

Her Heart!

Oh, you were thinking something else?
That's a dirty mind you have there, but I like the way you think :P

2010: LOL JK 
2011: Oh hell no, hold my..  
2012: Probably some joke about still being alive  


I   like  being   imperfect.

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