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» your life  ended

when you cant use your phone
- all mine


It was five years ago, I saw you & I didn’t want you to go. Next thing I knew, our friendship started to grow. And the feelings I felt for you, hit me like a blow. After a few years, you told me how you felt so We started dating & it’s now 1O months, it’s like whoa! Now, do you feel my heart beating steady & fast? I just put myself on blast.. But I guess its okay because I’ve done that in the past. I love us, And I know at times we may fuss, But through it all I confess, That we do certainly progress. Baby to tell you the truth, Love is part of youth. You are my heart, my world, And I’m glad to say your love has unfurled. So does that mean I’m your world? And your head is spinning in a whirl? I think about you when I’m all alone in my room, And it’s like flowers that are starting to bloom. I know I’m not a fool, Because the way I feel for you seems cool. I can’t loose you, at all cost, Without you baby, I would be so lost. Now these are the three words I can express with most: I love you 
and for the first time in a while, i don't really like anyone..  :/


not my format
(credit to ohmanx3 for format)

Hate is so familiar to me, I'm slowly embracing it. Doesn't come natural, bear with me it could take a bit.

[ Drake ]

This quote does not exist.
Jack And Jill Went
up the hill to smoke some ::

marijuana. Jack got high unzipped his fly and said "hey do you wanna?"
Jill said sure undid
her shirt
and they had a little fun
 but Jill forgot to take the pill, so now they have son.(;

No one is free,
Even the birds are chained to the sky.


I Wish You Would Hold Me
* *** ** **** ***
Just one last time,
because this time i'll know
 to never let go


Excuse me; I don't mean to be rude, but TONIGHT I'm loving you! :)
Who else changes their route to class just to see him?<3
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