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{ cover so much more than you would think }


that i don't want anyone else to take him from me

that he's the last thing on my mind every night
that I'm scared to lose him
that i wish for him on shooting stars
that i never want anybody else to hold his hand
that i don't want anybody else feeling his kiss
that i don't want anybody else loving him the way i do


Never looking back isn't as easy as it sounds...


&& I don't think you'll ever understand
how much yomeato me


- -  - -

not my format

__Cause i'm better than your ex,
 >>  & ill be better than your next. (;


When you go to your
profile right after you made your quote and see 5 favs after only a minute..but then never get any more.

not my format..really want a top quote haha sorry it's ugly.

My Confessions:
1. I still miss a person who died almost 4 years ago.
2. I am insecure.
3. I've been crying a lot.
4. I'm afraid of losing him.
5. I lead guys on.
6. I hate being center of attention; even though it seems like I do.
7. One of my best friends, is in love with me.
8. I'm still in love with a guy who broke my heart, last summer.
9. I'm afraid when I'm alone with a guy.
10. I'm moody.
11. I hate snow days.
12. I hate all the girls in my school.
13. I want to move away.
14. I say things I don't mean.
15. EVERYONE is a hypocrite.

Someones got to cheer you up
Don't be afraid to cry now,
I'm the extra shoulder you can lay you head down on now,
Because I can't stand seeing you cry

wipe those tears because,

when Love Knocks you down
You  Get  Back up♥   


[Don]'t you [e]ver get tired of [pretending] to be something you're not?
Tony; My wasted, alcoholic, 8th Grade, super tall, nonsense, joking, hitting, brother-like, jazzy, shaggy brown-haired, hoodie-wearing, skiing, band member, saxaphone-playing, caring, best friend.
Dude, you are awesome! ☺
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