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I wish people would listen, as much as they talk

The bus is like my family
hey, whats up? i'm your ex.

you probably think about me twice a day, and regret dating me. oh, and i'm the reason why you probably lost most of your friends.
This quote does not exist.
Who is this "SHAWTY" chick? 
She sure has a lot of rapper boyfriends. 
100% mineee:D
my best friend just happens to be a....




We should all start to live 
before we get too old.
Fear is stupid,
So are regrets. 

-Marilyn Monroe

format credit to anyone 


 i hate it how

i miss you so much, 
and i wish you were still
in my life and i hate it how we
don't ever talk anymore...but most of
all i hate it how i know that i was the one 

who pushed you away...


&& you know what?
tonights the night
i'm going to get over him
hes not worth my time
--because according to him
i'll never be as good as her.


*eeh mine? maybe i dont know :p


Stay gold,

Ponyboy. Stay

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