Quotes added on Monday, February 14 2011

i'm a tear.

i've been here before.

i knew her perfumed fingers.

i can tell by the smell, that it's your cologne on her beautiful striped shirt.

i know the cold, cold, floor.

happen to be best friends nowadays..

i know how heartless you can be.

i know the comments you say.

the things you've done.

all from her eyes,

i can tell..

you weren't meant to be here long.

you just played with her heart.

everytime you leave her;

everytime you don't call..

when she can't help herself,

it's my job to fall..</3


regret is the worst feeling

 but trying to forget is even worse...

--->& I'm not gonna lie... 
everything is more fun

when boys are involved.

love me dont leave me
Studies say 90% women don't like men in pink T-shirts
90% Men in pink T-shirts don't like women.

& i have three words for you
eight letters & one meaning

i love you 
he told me to Stay Beautiful <3

yay its valentines day... guess what no valentine...guess what gonna be a bad day.

I Don't think I will ever forget that night. I was at a sleepover earlier you had asked out My best friend and when she told me i think i was about to Cry. She said shed think about it. We were going to met him i a couple min. She didn't really like you like that but she said yes and gave you a chance. Later i told her how i was in love with you and she broke up with you. It wasn't worth it. Then she set us up. The next day we met up again. We walked and talked the whole afternoon. Then you asked me out. It was Perfect. It seems weird that all of this happened in two days but it just turned out perfect. :)

I Love You James. I love You Jasmine.

My mom is sick she has a brain Tumor, a heart condition and she was just diagnosed with cancer. i cry myself to sleep. when IM at my friends house i want to go home because i know one day she will not be here. So i went to my moms doctors appointment with her and she said she didn't want me to go because she knew what they were going to say. They said "your not going to be living much longer. we will try everything we can to make you live, but IM most likely sure that your not going to make it. IM mostly worried about my family splitting apart. Like this if you hope me and my two younger sisters Taylor, Megan and I  will be alright if anything goes wrong in her surgery in a week. :\ i love you mommy<3
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