Quotes added on Tuesday, February 15 2011

And just for those few seconds i see you,
I burn my hair with a flat iron
put on pounds and pounds of make up
make sure I have your favorite color on
smile and make sure my teeth are white enough
try to be perfect for you
and when i do see you , it makes my day


roses are red violets are blue

                                                              -WARREN ALLEN

I wanna be her »
Cause then i would have you


 Its been a long day,
A long month indeed,
But babe i love you the same 
since the first time i put my eyes on you, you mean everything
Love Mitch 
I cant wait to go see you 
in a few Days 

*RIP* My true love 




Love it when ;
Have you ever asked someone if they
have seen a movie that doesn't exist ?
Like , "Oh hey you know that move Sharks kill?"
Their like "Oh yeah!" You say "Member the
part when she gets bitten and its all nasty?"

Their like "Oh yeah ew!" You go "Really cause
that movie doesn't exist....."
Awkward Silence. 
I love that ; <3

What am I ,supposed

o do

when the best part of me was always you

What am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up 

and you're okay

I'm Falling to pieces
_____ _____
 My Valentine

wrote i love you

in.    50.    different.     languages.

onx  ax piecex ofx paperx
& said he
loved me with all his
h e a r t
& he can trust me with his
w h o l e _ l i f e.

_____ _____


Can You Remember, That Awesome Feeling,

  << when you go from >>

Picture Books♥
 to Chapter Books ;;

what a BEAST♥

    sorry if its already on here- no jocking intended. (My Format,DontJockPlease)

If all our life is but a dream, fantastic posing greed,
Then we should feed our jewelry
to the sea, for diamonds do appear to be,
Just like broken glass to me.



Is it possible to like a guy
that I barely know?

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