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“She’s usually way better than this, trust me,” interjected Tayden.
          Austin answered, “I don’t believe you, but whatever, it doesn’t really matter that was pretty fun I guess, hey Tay, wanna play video games with me?”
          Tayden responded, “Sure.”
          “Oh I see how it is, you don’t want a girl to play video games,” I joked.
          “No, it’s not that, it’s just I want to know Tayden better, that’s all,” he reassured me.
          “I was joking, but I probably should see if my mom needs help with anything anyways, so see ya,” I laughed.  And with that, I jogged home.
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Awkward Moment:
When you look up your crushes address and your mom walks in and she says,
“Whose house is that?”

I can see us
>> holding hands, walking on the beach our toes in the sand <<
I can see us in the countryside
sitting on the grass laying side by side♥

    sorry if its already on here- no jocking intended.


You can hide a frown with a fake  smile ,
but you cant hide the pain in your eyes 


------------ There is a fine line -------------
between tan,,
and looking like you rolled
in doritos.


That mood
w h e n y o u j u s t f e e l l i k e s l a p p i n g
stupid people.

Itt Would Be The Perfectt Crimee If I Stolee Your Heartt &'ndd You Stolee Minee ;D'<3

When you choke on your water and start coughing in the middle of class

Unicorn Song <3
Unicorns i love them

Unicorns i love them
Uni uni unicorns i loove them
Uni unicorns i could pet one
If they were really real..and they are!
So i bought one so i could pet it
Now it loves me, now I love it

La la la la la

i wanna wear your big tee shirt to sleep
your hoodie when i'm
you make my heart skip a beat
you make me feel like

every time i see you
i wonder if you see
the way i look at you
wonderful we could be.

this feeling is quite
too bad you cant see
loving, beautiful, and wonderful
the cutest couple we could be.Y


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