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hold your head up high, blink back the tears and say goodbye

Part four
Everything went down hill., we started to ague . He started not to care . He started to yell at me . And I started to cry . My heart got more and more attached by the day . I talked about him more than ever . I fought with him because I could . I thought he would put up with it I tried to change myself but it never worked . I made it seem like I couldn’t live without him . But I thought we could make it through this happened for months after months he kept forgiving so I kept doing but then it got to a point that we didn’t talk and he was so mad at me . I waited a  little while and then I met this girl who I adore now she is my best friend and I cant live without her, turns out . She is his best friend. So she got him to say happy birthday to me  and he offered to start over. And of course I was so excited to start over,
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how could you
care if dont cross
your mind?

Part three
Start of 8th grade he was erased from my memory . But one day I walked by him and I had to look another two times to fathom even seeing him again . My heart sank . My eyes lit up . Butterflies flew in my stomach . I had a big smile on my face. I found him on face book and tried to start over with a new year a new friendship and maybe I would tell him but I said something to somebody who knew him so they told him I liked him . I was devastated I wanted to know this boy as a person before anything else . But we started talking again but middle school drama started to get into this . We fought . I was scared of him . My friends tell me I am the strongest person they have ever met, nobody scared me . But I was terrified of him . He gave me this feeling that was so hard to explain it was amazing the best feeling around . But he scared me and I wanted him so bad. I saw him after 3 different classes and those 3 seconds I got to see his face was the most amazing thing ever , but I never got the guts to talk to him when others were around. More and more I would talk about him . I couldn’t help but think . Is it possible to love somebody I barely know ? I always thought about him . He was always on my mind, every second of the day was about him . I couldn’t help it . He was so perfect for me and everyone says we would be cute., I wanted it to turn into something but people told me it wouldn’t . that didn’t make me stop believing I learned more about him . Like he never had a girlfriend before. I couldn’t believe it . He was just this guy that I adored , 
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that awkward moment when
when you feel like a paper bag & theres no song for you

The worst feeling ever?


trying to hold back your tears<3
Part two 
I went from liking this boy to boy crazy in one year . It was the best therapy for me . I never though of anything else. I never thought of him again we  “hated each other.” we made it seem that way atleast . If you brought him up to me I would say _____ who ? I erased him from my memory because that class was over and I didn’t see him anymore I thought it would just go away and I would never see him again . None of my friends knew him cause he went to a different school but in my district. I had more boyfriend and crushes that year . I met new people and I was happy . I was living life the way I should’ve been no care in the world . Just smiles and giggles. I was the player . I didn’t want the relationships I wanted to hook up . Life was good , I never thought at 14 I would be depressed . At the time everything was just for fun . I liked a celebrity that’s all . I didn’t want a boy in my life . Get real 
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Part one 
September 9th 2009 starting a new school not ready for anything big. I walk into a classroom and I see this face . A angel face that I adored . I knew this was going to spirile out of control . I never thought I would have the guts to tell him . But instead to get closer I dated his best friend, I was stupid and it was the worst idea ever. I have to see his face everyday knowing I could never have the strength to tell him how I felt / I acted like I hated him for no reason I acted like I hated somebody who I thought was extremely attractive I never told a soul who he was and that I liked him from day one I always though he was better than me I never thought I would have been good enough for this angel faced boy who I wanted to be in a relationship with . Nobody could compare to him . I never thought I had a type but its true I do . He was perfect and unique in my mind I could never amount up to telling him . I thought he would just disapear ,the feelings would just go away or at least that’s what I thought , but once again I was wrong I never tried to get to know him I never tried anything . I just dropped it at that and that’s how it would be . Only because I thought this boy was so much better than me
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       Sometimes, there are no words. No clever quotes to

                    neatly sum up what's happened that day.

                                        Sometimes, the day just ends.

    --Aaron Hotcher; Criminal Minds♥

Starting Over 29
“Good morning class! How is everyone this fine evening?” My English said as she got settled at her neatly organized desk. She was young, and pretty. She had to be about 25. She had short, reddish-brown hair with what looked like brown eyes, was tall and thin. She looked at a sheet of paper then up at everyone. Probably taking attendance. She then stopped.
“Ah, I see we have a new student. You must be” She stopped and looked down at the sheet searching for my name. “Emma. Correct?”
“Well, welcome. I’m Mrs. Reynolds.” She looked up and smiled. She started talking again but I kind of just blocked her out. I looked over to Drew. He was already looking at me. I opened up my notebook and took out my pen so I could write him a note. But before I could write anything, he took the pen from my hand and slid my notebook over to him.
So… about that date…
I read it and smiled a little. I took the pen from him.
Hey… I said I’d think about it. Don’t push it. :P
Mrs. Reynolds walked by Drew and I and tapped on the table, probably to tell us to pay attention. I closed my notebook and threw it back in my bag. From 1st period through the end of 5th period was a blur. Before I knew it, it was time for lunch. I met up with Sadie outside of my bio classroom and we walked to my locker.
“So, how’s your day goin so far Em?” Sadie said as I opened my locker and threw three textbooks I got earlier in there and put up a little poster thing I got out of a magazine that was of Zac Efron shirtless. He’s so hot.
“Pretty good. That Drew kid isn’t so bad.” I said as I closed my locker.
“Oh yeah? He’s really hot. Go for it.” She nudged my shoulder and winked. “Just watch out for Tiffany. She’ll try and steal him from you like she’s been trying to get with him since last year. It’s pathetic. Haha.” We laughed then started for the cafeteria.

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