Quotes added on Monday, February 21 2011

your todays
be the w o r s t of your tomorrows

i want someone to be there for me, and love me, and have my back, i want to be treated with respect and actually gain trust in people again, i want a normal life with guys, instead of worrying all the time about how i look, or what i should be wearing, i want him to tell me im beautiful no matter what i look like.i want to be his world, his best friend, his girl. i just want to BE is everything, just like how hes MY everything. i just want something different for once.

If me and my girlfriend ever got into a fight; 
and it got to the point where she was crying;
I would just shut up and hold her ♡

-Justin Bieber

In the song Never Say Never 
Justin says "never" 69 times

//Dont get me wrong everyone, I love Justin to death..but ya know..it was a cool fact... ;)//


“…but mom what happens if I get kidnapped?”

“Trust me, they’ll bring you back.” 

we've only got 86,400 seconds in a day to turn it all around or we can throw it all away. gotta tell 'em that we love 'em while we got a chance to say.

   do yoυ вelιeve, тιмe нeal'ѕ all woυnd'ѕ?

I hate those dumb "fav if you get this" Facebook pages.
I really hope everyone would "get that,"
I mean, it's not practically spelled out for you or anything.


I just realized,

People only say you've changed
if you've stopping acting how they like
you to act.

Well.... I kinda guess that is changing.

But they say it as if you've changed for

the worst, when usually, you haven't.


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