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ι can'т вelιeve ιт ѕтιll нυrт'ѕ lιĸe тнιѕ.

So I met you in 3rd grade.
4th grade you never showed up.
5th You stayed in my head for a little bit
6th You were my memory
7th I'll never forget you
8th Dude I think i know you!
Turn out i was right.
At the moment he is the love of my life.

I've been waiting love.
Thank you for comeing back to me..

a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand


being different, made me stronge    
Girl: I'm so ugly :(
Boy: No your not your beautiful
Girl:IM NOT!
Boy: ... your ugly
Girl: WTF
Boy: Well what am i suppose to say?


                                         Will you be my



You're Only As Tall, As Your Heart Will Let You Be,
And You're Only As Small, As The World Will Make You Seem. ♥

- NeverShoutNever.
secret #12

im terrified of the dark

Fave if
your a brunette
with so many
blonde moments <3

I dont have the perfect words
i couldnt write a beautiful song
my stories are flawed
when i talk to people, i make mistakes
my words are nothing
and no one can see my actions
so am i worhtless?

even these words wont affect you
they are just words
here now, and in a moment
replaced with a joke
or something about a boy
these words of mine.
are worthless


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