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&When you jump at least 4 feet
From your door to your bed
So nothing Will reach Out from Under your Bed
and grab you.

then believe it..
life's about making mistakes, and if this is one.. then learn from it.(:

*best advice i have ever received in my life.

girls know how to fake a smile;
guys know how to fake feelings.




My mama always used to tell me:
If you can't find somethin' to live for, you best find somethin' to die for'.





I just simply want to lay in bed forever



thanks for leading me on.
it's like just as my heart was getting repaired, you decided to rip it out and stomp on it.


I look so good
ithout you<3


So, What happens now?
part 18.

we collapsed in the food court after walking around shopping at 8 o'clock we could be here for atleast 2 more hours before the mall closed.
"what time do you guys gotta go back to the camp?" Bri asked taking her pepperoni off her pizza i just looked up at Kaylie who was already looking at me
"mmm.. like 1ish? that way we still get sleep?" Kaylie said thinkingly
"sure but im not going to bed no matter what time.." i sighed she nodded and frowned
"first time in awhile you'll be in your own bunk." Bri said
"yup.." i said letting the "p" pop a little
"you can come in my bunk if your lonely boo!" Kaylie said i smiled a bit
"thanks hun.." i said and took a sip of my milkshake
"well we still have 2 more hours or so to find you a guy!" Bri said getting excited and changing the subject
"its not like some random hot guy will pop out of no where and walk up to me asking if im single and we start talking..." i said and took a longer sip of my milkshake and then got a brain freeze
"well theres a random hot guy walking in the foodcourt with his random hot group of guy friends and the hottest random hot guy is about to walk over here so get your thumb out of your mouth now!" Kaylie said and slapped my wrist
"well i kinda have a brain freeze.. and dont lie to me like that no way in hell is there ever going to be some ra-" i got cut off
"hey." a really cute skater guy said coming from behind me. I looked over my shoulder as he walked over in front of me
"hi" i said smiling
"well me and my friends saw all of you walking around earlier and we would like to know if you girls wanna hang with us.." he said. Thank god he didn't say 'chill' or say something like you girls are mad cute.. thats a pet peeve of mine
"we would love to but i think it would help if we knew some names.." Bri said sweetly. He chuckled and nodded and walked over to his friends quickly
"hes gorgeous Allie..." Bri whispered i chuckled and they all walked over to us
"im Gordan, this is Chad, Mike, Vinny, Sean, and Aden" Gordan said
"Im Allie, That's Kaylie and that's Bri." i said smiling we all shared hello's. Gordan had dark hair from what i could see, Bright blue eyes, and he was wearing a baby blue plaid button up (that really brought out his eyes), dark jeans on (not skinny jeans thank god), and he was wearing white Jordans, and he was wearing a white beany thats why i cant really see his hair but it looks short-ish
"you guys skate?" Bri asked as we got up
"yeah.. do you?" Chad asked
"nope.. none of us.." Bri laughed
"wanna try?" Gordan smiled
"Yeah... so we can fall on our butts and break something?" Kaylie laughed
"I will!" i volunteered
"go ahead crazy.." Bri laughed as we were all walking out to the parking lot. Gordan put his board down and they all stood behind us
"Dont break something.." Bri sighed laughing
"im not promising anything.." i said getting on it
"your standing on it wrong.." Gordan laughed i fixed myself and then he slowly walked down the parking lot
"do you wanna try it with me letting go.." he asked
"ill try.." i said slowly he let go slowly not really trusting me. I was doing good until i got to a hill and was going full speed and didn't stop for nothing until i hit the curb and went flying into a mini ditch thing full of grass and weeds. I just layed there laughing at myself. I heard a board coming to a stop
"did you hit your head on the fence.." Gordan asked
"nope.." i yelled up
"did you break anything.." he asked
"nope.." i said
"alright.." he said and jumped down and walked over to me and was smiling
"don't be afraid to laugh" i said smiling and got up
"how we getting back up.." i asked checking to see if i still had my money and phone in my pocket and i did which was good.
"we can climb.." he offered i laughed and tried he pushed my thighs up which helped then i pulled with all my strength to pull his arm up
"Thanks.." he said as we walked over to the boards and we scrapped the leaves and dirt and everything off our jeans and i got it off my boots and then we grabbed the boards and started walking back to the group
"Do you want my number?" i asked
"sure" Gordan smiled i smiled and he took out his phone and we echanged numbers
"where do you live? around here..?" he asked
"yeah im actually only a couple blocks away from here.." i said
"im like 5 minutes away.." Gordan said
"do you work or are you not doing anything during the summer?" i asked and Bri went in my car and started blasting Bass down low.
"i work at my dads car repair shop.." he said
"oh fun.. i work at a child sleep away summer camp." i said
"that's harsh.." he laughed i laughed with him
"not if you like kids.." i shrugged
"you like kids?" he asked. I gulped.. this would be a great time to say i have one.. but that would be where he would run away faster than a cheetah.. but i should be honest right? but that would be too honest... right?
"hello?" he asked laughing i snapped back into reality and then followed my gut instinct
"yea-yeah.. i like kids... i um... have one." my voice broke at the end.
"im sorry i didn't quite catch that the musics too loud" he said and guided us a little bit away from the car
"i.. um... have... one... a kid.." i said shacky.
"oh.." he was taken off gaurd
"hes two.. his names Jesse.." i said
"so when did you have him?" he asked not mad or scared just curious
"11th grade.." i said getting more relaxed
"what college are you going to?" he asked
"Dartmouth.." i said
"wow.. you must have worked your butt off for that one!" he said surprised
"i did.." i nodded
"where you going.." i asked
"community college" he laughed i nodded and we continued to talk for a while then security came and kicked us out so we drove to the nearest wendys and walked n and we all ordered atleast a drink and we sat down 
-eeeeeeku2 look ssssoo cute togetherrrrrr!- text from Bri
-i just met the guy..-
-so? Kaylie's having a thing for Chad...!!!-
-no Blake?-
-they broke up... she didn't tell u...?-
-NO?! when did they break up!!!-
-she said right before u and erik got into the fight... in the bathroom!-
-oh... she didn't tell me..-
-oh.. u should talk to her bout it while u2 r goin baack laterrr..-
-yeah im gunna ask her bout it..-
"you ok?" Gordan asked
"yeah im fine." i smiled we all hung out for the next 3 hours going from different places until it was 1 and me and Kaylie decided to leave so we all said our goodbyes and then i drove Bri home and we were driving back to camp.

And Who Else;
Can't Sleep 
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