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I  just  love  seeing  people in love. I know it sounds
a little weird, but it's not.  I like seeing people holding
hands; I like seeing two outcasts who don't look so
lonely  when  they're together.  I can't explain it, but
it  just  makes  me feel good inside, being able to tell
that  they  love  each other. It makes me feel warm,
just knowing  that  people  so  different  from what
society tells you to be can still  find  someone  who
appreciates them and wants to be with them.  And
sometimes I feel like when I catch a glimpse of two
people who look like they're in love...      I'm special.
I  feel  like  I'm  lucky  enough  to be  one of the few
people who's never experienced it,  but still knows


     Don’t forget to love yourself.    
if only he knew...that the girl behind the mask was really me. im just too shy to stand up and fight for his love<3
Cutting the hood on my sweatshirts :)


Can dreams honestly come true?             

    &&or is it only in your sleep they become alive?         



The Reason

For every


I take.



To you



My Heart


I would give up everything
even start a world war
for these ghetto girls and boys
that I rap around the world for
-Lupe Fiasco

Happy Birthday George Harrison

Rest In Peace

Well lets just say your.. a.. never mind.
you will go back and tell

Take care of my loves. I can’t hold on.
Keep me alive while I die.


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