Quotes added on Tuesday, March 1 2011

Haaappppy Biiirthdaay Justin   Bieber ღ 

3*1*94 ღ    
best day that could of possibly happened ღ 

 I love you so much forever and ever nmww ღ 

                    Confession #2:
I love it when you hold my hand when we together.

Love;kattie sue!(=

Poetry <3

  I'm living in a maze,
maybe it's just a faze.

But I can't seem to see,
what's right infront of me.

All these secrets, all these lies
All I did at night was cried.

Coz I'm stuck in a maze
For my whole life.

Without a soul,
just a knife.




you know you're in 
love when you can't fall
asleep because reality 
is finally better than
your dreams. <3

God show me the way
Because the devils trying to break me down

Justin Drew Bieber was born 17 years ago
on March 1st 1994 at exactly
12:56 am ♥ 


Happy Birthday Justin!!! 



i see you and my heart skips a beat
i cant breathe

 I'm sick and tired... 
Of crying over you <//3


Look forward to those things worth you time
and don't look back
because looking back
takes too much of your future
away from you!(:

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