Quotes added on Saturday, March 5 2011

"Oh my god you are so mean!!"

"It's pretty sad if you haven't noticed that already."
& today;
I let my boyfriend read all my quotes, and showed him how witty works.
I sat by his side while he read them all, waiting for some sort of reaction. He was speechless. Then, he went through all the top quotes and stuff. He thinks we're awesome.

ok so you say you cant live without me,then why'd you leave me?<3

Hey Im A Wildflower
Growin in the sunshine
Soakin up the way of life
I was raised in.
Runnin bare foot
Bloomin in a Summer shower
Ponytail dancin
i cant  help it
Im A WildFlower


If boys are like stars..
hen true love is like thsun,

even though there's millions of stars shining

there's only one close enough to light up your day
---------------------------------------- ---------


Well I may be bad but,

I'm perfectly good at it.



i think i like hanging ou with guys.

There isnt any
"D r a m a"
It just seems so easy being a guy,sometimes i wish they saw how hard it is to be a

"G i r l"

That Terrible Feeling When
You Just Miss Your Best Friend

Format credit to whoever.

To think five hours ago I tried to look pretty just for you...

And now I'm writing this because I cried when I got home.


You can never be “just friends” with someone you had feelings for.
There will always be that feeling deep down inside of you that reminds you of what used to be

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