Quotes added on Monday, March 7 2011

  When you...

Feel like everything that goes wrong 
is in front of the guy you like


Dear DinoZeeZee,

Do you remember when we were.

Sitting there painting that wall,

You splattered Paint on meee for the first time

You made a mess outta my fav brand new Skinny jeans,

You are the bestest friend,  That i ever Haaaaad!


Its over,,I knew it would end this way.I hope u with someone who makes u feel,that this life,its a life.The one who settles down,stays around,spends more time with u.I got no distance left to run..

The most embarrassing moments you have 
happen in front of the guy you like
and you can't help but think
no wonder he doesn't like me 


I Want To Starve My Self, Because I feel To Fat.

  Hey witty girls
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The Girl Who Never Talks
Has a Million things

Running through her mind

When your boyfriend..

Says  loves you
you cant help but
Blush in front of every1

Not Mine

I miss my family and friends
and just wanna go home
I hate boarding school
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