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I'm about to lose my mind,
you've been gone for so long,
I'm running out of time,

I need a doctor ♥



Today, I wrote 'Save me from Myself' on my arm.
My mum saw it, and asked if I was okay. I told
her that I was fine. And for the first time ever, she
said 'Lizzy, do not lie to me. Are you, or are you not
okay?' I wanted to tell her everything, but some little
part of me knew I shouldn't. So I said, smiling 'I'm
happy. I have a great life, great friends, great school
great family and a great mum, why shouldn't I be
happy?" She then said ' Well it's good to know that
you are happy Lizzy. If at anytime you aren't, please
tell me.'  And so I nodded and smile and we carried
on like normal. I know that was my chance to tell
her, but I can't tell her. I don't know how she will react.
Will she feel sad? Will she call me selfish? Will she
blame herself? I do not know. So therefore, I cannot
tell her. I will never tell her. You may think that I
should be able to tell my mum anything, and that
it is easier than I think, but really, in my case, I
cannot tell my mother everything. So please do not
comment with stuff like "Tell your mum, she'll understand."
or "Your mum will support you through everything" or
even "Your mum knows what you are feeling,
she will help you" because none of that is true. My mum
would not understand, and therefore she will not
be able to help, even if she is trying to.


Secret 3.

I wish for him at 11:11 every night , even though him being mine.. is impossible. 

Favorite If
You're First Name Is Nicole,
Middle Name is
Or Last Name Is Nicole.

I Just Want To See How Many People have "Nicole" In Their Names(:

about as bored as a poofter in a strip club. . : / and your confusing me mucli ?   !     ?


I enjoy long romantic walks;
To the fridge [;

don'thinyou realise what you meatme,
n o t  t h e  s l i g h t e s t  c l u e ,

    cos manyowerlika crew...


why do guys that are on witty have a stereotype of being gay or feminine . Personally , i think their smarter then alot of guys out there, They try their hardest to figure out girls.. why cant all guys be like them. So thanks boys. Us girls DO realize your special :)



I  Never Thought

That you would be the one to make me cry like this.♥

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