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boy you had me in love with the first kiss ;)  now its like im addicted for life and i refuse to go to rehab!

I don't expect anyone to read this and if you do it will prolly wont make scene so i would try but if you please be my guest.

first things first i love you grandma and grandpa i know you are smiling down on me telling me to get some sleep. IM trying really hard i just wanna make you so proud of me i know everyone wished you could be here, especially me because IM going to graduate high school soon and move on to the next chapter and i want you guys here to say you can do it and you can make it through and support me, i know you guys will be there cheering me on and i am happy you guys are together again i miss you and i love you R.I.P.

next well i don't quite know why but you came in my life. I don't know how but i immediately  fell for you i don't know how or why but something told me he is amazing. talking to i realized that you are pretty amazing. i focused on you and blocked out most others guys then he texted me and wanted to hang out. i didn't know what to say so i said maybe this weekend. i don't know what this weekend has in store for me but i know it will be a  whirlwind and i don't know how i will take it on i just hope i come out on top with you by my side.
we started off young and naive and it led into this big beautiful love!
to Haters
. .   .

So Back Off Unless You Wanna Get Sick .

that night we had to say goodbye before you left the next day..god..it killed me slightly..

That awkward moment...

when your in a middle of a test and suddenly your phone starts ringing with the most embarrassing ringtone!!

  One Chance

Two Hearts


Three Words

is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.

Dad: Call me when you're done.
Me: Uhh i forgot my phone.
Dad: What?! I swear i'm gonna take your phone away and deactivate it!
*a couple days later..*
Me:I'll call you after practice.
Dad: Oh i forgot my phone.


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