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  im only me when im with him..
h a s    g o o g l e d    h e r    c  r u s h 


I know everything happens for a reason; 
but sometimes i wish that i knew what that reason is.



what i am going to say
applies to all of you
just some choose not to believe it.

secret #1
you are beautiful no matter what!

secret #2
someone, somewhere loves you
you are irreplaceable
you are worth the world

you have impacted some ones life

your parents love you (no matter where they are)

secret #7
you are strong
you bring some one joy

your story matters.!

now promise me... you have a beautiful heart. <3 no one is ugly or perfect.! YOU ARE GOOFY, INSPIRATIONAL, DELIGHTFUL, STRONG, UNIQUE, BEAUTIFUL, IMPORTANT, FLAWLESS, INVINCIBLE, HUMAN, ORIGINAL, CONFIDENT, CARING, and most important YOU <3 please don't change for anybody <3

The worst feeling ever

-is having someone tell you how much they like you, then the next day their in a relationship with someone else-
You make me so happy that I can feel it throughout my whole body. I never want to loose this feeling.

I feel as if you sit at home &

              look for ways to ruin my life..

piece by piece.



Life is like an ice-cream..
                         enjoy it before it melts! :D 

 Not a fairytale
Chapter 3:


   Coming back to reality, they quickly pulled away. Lilly stood up, "Megan, im so so-" I didn't want to hear it, "SAVE IT B•TCH GO TO H•LL FOR ALL I CARE YOUR A F••KING BACKSTABBER!" everyone went quiet. Meanwhile, Trey sat there all smiley and smug. your not getting off that easy. I turned towards him, "AND WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING SITTING THERE LIKE A DUMB A••?!? SCREW YOU, I HATE YOU. I HATE BOTH OF YOUR F••KIN GUTS!" for the second time today I ran upstairs slammed the door, and cried like a child lost at a supermarket.
  Only 15 minutes of sobbing later, the downstairs was completely quiet. A jumped at a knock on my door. "Who is it?" I said between sobs. "It's me," a calm voice said, Jesse. I didn't get to reply because he barged in.
   "Hey" he said soothingly. He started brushing my hair back. "What happened to th-th-the party?" he smiled. "I told them to get the f••k out" he chuckld to himself, i sat up. "Seriously?!" he smiled "Seriously." I smiled and hugged him. "What would i do without good ole' Jesse." Suddenly something flashed in his eyes, something i've never seen before. A mixture of passion, and emotion, and flare. Next thing i know hes brushing his lips up against mine.
   IT WAS AMAZING. There was fireworks EVERYWHERE. His lips were so soft and gentle i felt so secure. Finally we pulled away. I was so lost and and i-i just didnt know anything. "Maybe you should leave" i whispered since i didn't know what to do. He nodded and left, finally i heard the door slam. Then i sat there a started thinking, crying and thinking, and crying again.


Jesse's POV:

   I had no idea where that courage came from. I've had a crush on her since 2nd grade and i never had that much courage. The kiss was amazing with fireworks. "Maybe you should go." well that made my heart dropped. I quietly left, way to mess things up Jesse.

 it's the best accessory a girl can own


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