Quotes added on Monday, March 14 2011

You say goodbye,
But I say Hello,
Hello, Hello

The Sky is the Limit.

What about outer space?

Popular girl: OHMYGOD! GUYS! I’m so cool!

Me: No, shut the hell up. People like you because your boobs hang out and you’ll do anything that moves. And your also not even popular for being liked! Your well known because EVERYONE hates you, cept for guys cause they want some. Still feel loved? Hope not.

Aren’t I right?

*make it better i dunno how*

my [imperfections] are
what makes me

p e r f e c t



you know that feeling, you get when he texts you first? 
i love that feeling.

imperfecetion 1:
i think about him all the time; and he doesnt think of me

imperfecetion 3:
we live to far away to love eachother

Louder than love , Thats what we were


I'm just that girl...
who is emotionally unstable; who will be in a good mood then turn in a
matter of 2 minutes; who can only keep her mouth shut if the secret is about her or 
her friends; who occasionally has a 'blonde moment'

Yeah, I'm that girl, but maybe 'that girl' is the one you'll fall for.

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