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he could make hell
 f e e l j u s t  l i k e h o m e.. 

I  Will  be  there  When  Your  Insecure 

TO   Let  You  Know  your  are  always


This quote does not exist.

...only in long-distance...

...does a girl...
...a mere girl...
...worry so much...

...not about exams...
...not about grades...
...not about school...

...not even about a breakup...

...in long-distance...
...you don't even know if he's safe...
...if he's well...

...if he's dying...

...and you're somewhere, maybe on the other side of the world...
...helpless, and worried...

...but then you know, you really know...
...she's really in love...

Don't worry sweetheart

its okay to fall;

theres no need to hesitate for anything at all

i  know  you've  been  hurt

and dont know how you stand it,

but me, im different

 i wont take you for granted

not my format  or quote


They are long,
They are fun to suck,
They please almost everyone,
They are nice and hard,
They are sweet,
Gotta love candycanes <3
Fav if you thought I meant something else

listen girls,
he's one boy. sure, you really liked him. but boys will come & go.
you're... what- 13, 14, 15 years old, & you care about a boy? no.
go out & have fun. you have the rest of your life to find a boy!
-- so go, party up, and be a kid. cause any boy that was willing --
to give up a girl like you? there's obviously something wrong with him.

not my quote, or format.



  Lord grant me

the strength to accept
I cannot change
reading a quote thats perfect for you and wanting to fave it a lot of times
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