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Now son I'm only telling you this because....
Can do  terrible things...

Please don't be in love with someone else
Please don't have somebody waiting on you
-Taylor Swift

So don't fall in
there's just to much to risk...

And I guess it's true what they say,
the only real man you can trust in your life is your daddy,
because he's the only one who can promise to love you forever.



"Who do you like?"
In your mind "YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU!"
Oh, no one..."


So, What happens now?
part 26.
a week later

me and Bri are in my room packing for New Hampshire to go live with my grandma for a little bit until we find an apartment or something close to campus.. which is probably going to be impossible.
"im telling you. We buy a house together, then we just pitch in to pay the bills.. it'll be easier for Jesse us and my lil one!" Bri said i rolled my eyes
"your Still not telling your parents.." i asked
"i have planned it all out.. i not mention it.. until a maped out date that im pregnant. they dont need to see me. and when the babys born itll be like i had it during college.." she said
"tha't a stupid idea.." i sighed
"no its not.." she said
"just tell them today... its the last day you have to face them.. what are they gunna do? Dartmouth already has your money.." i said
"true.." she sighed
"just tell them and we go on plane and we in a new life.." i said
"im so stressed bout it.." she sighed
"think a lil.. finish my packing.. i needa get Jesse ready.." i said and she nodded and turned the music up louder and i walked downstairs
"did you bathe him yet Charles.." i asked
"Char-ley." he corrected
"whatever" i said walking in the hall and stopping outside the bathroom
"hurry up a little" i said and ran up stairs and started packing his things.
-hey.. you still coming over before you leave right?- Gordan
-of course!-
-good.. just checking..-
-i would never leave without saying bye.. gosh..-
"quit texting lover boy for one minute?" my dad asked in the doorway. I jumped and my phone flew
"nice." he laughed
"what did you wanna talk about.." i asked
"your plans.." he said
"alright.. so. We go to Grandmas while me and Bri look for either a place to rent, an Apartment or a house.. we have enough for a house.. Grandma gave me money the other... day?" i said trying to remember, it was in a pretty lavender card with her pretty neat script handwriting
"alright.. what bout kiddo what's he gunna do?" he asked
"Grandma said she'll take care of him till i get home, and hes inrolled in the local grade school by her house.." i said
"good.. does he have school things?" he asked
"yup Grams got the school supplies list and she said she couldn't resist so she went out and bought everything and clothes too." i said
"alright.. then your set!" he said and clapped his hands together i smiled
"you nervous.." he asked
"the furthest ive been was to the city.." i said
"true.." he laughed i smiled and finished packing his things
"Charlie hurry the heck up!!! we have to go to Gordans and Bris and make it on the flight." i said coming down the stairs and dropped Jesse's things by the front door
"im coming im coming." he said annoyed
"hi baby!" i said and took him from Charlie's grip and caried him upstairs in his empty room and grabbed the clothes i left out for him and started dressing him
"go play for a couple minutes babe." i said and let him run out of the room and i walked back in mine
"im ready.." she inhaled deeply
"to tell them?" i said she nodded
"good girl" i smiled
"would we have time to go see Kaylie?" she asked and looked down at her watch
"ill cancel the tickets and buy the boat tickets.." i shrugged
"kay... shes the one that was always good with advice.." she breathed deeply
"just breathe..." i said and we walked down stairs
"is everything packed at your house.." i asked
"yup" she said in nodded and she sat on the couch in front of the tv in the den and Jesse went and sat on her lap and i went on the desktop to quickly cancel the tickets that i luckily didn't order yet. I ordered the boat tickets and then went in the kitchen and started packing food for the trip and grabbed a pillow for Jesse and his blankie and then i walked around and looked for my dad and explained to him the new plans and hugged him bye and shouted bye to Charlie then we walked out to my car
-hey were gunna stop quickly at Bri's shes gunna tell her parents bout her bein pregos and then were gunna either go to u or go see Kaylie.. u wanna come? or whatya wanna do..- i texted Gordan
"so are you and Gordan a thing.." Bri asked
"we never really made it like offical... but he and i both do relationship stuffs.. so were technically dating just neither of us asked either of us to go out.." i shrugged
-go see kaylie.. take ur time... wait.. whens ur flight?-
-witout u? and we booked the boat tickets..-
-ahh.. and yeah.. still helpin mamadukes cleaning...-
-lmao kays-
"well that's cute.." she smiled
"yeah" i said and put all the luggage in the trunk and then put the cooler over my shoulder quickly put Jesses pillow and blankie in the back and he was already on his game boy that Charlie gave him the other day and the i sat in the driver seat and put the cooler by Bri's feet and then we started driving to her house.
"you worried.." i asked
"worried is an understatement.." she said
"do you want me and Jesse to come in with you.." i asked pulling into her driveway
"of course.." she said and got out and grabbed her purse
"Come on baby.." i said and opened his door and unbulckled him from his car seat and carried him inside with him still playing his game boy
"hey girls" her mom said from the kitchen looking up from her coupons Bri ran upstairs to get her luggage and i stood in the doorway of the kitchen chatting with her mom and her dad was doing the dishes.
"You guys off now?" the mom asked as Bri was walking up behind me. I rubbed Bri's back as she came next to me
"yeah.. i just have to talk to you guys.. Dad... can you sit next to mom..." she said he looked over confused and worried but obeyed and then all eyes were on her.
"promise not to get mad...." she asked they both nodded she looked back and forth at them inhalling deeply for a minute
"im pregnant." she blurted. Her mom covered her mouth her dad just kept looking at her like he didn't hear her
"with whose child.." the dad asked
"Bene's." she said
"thank god!" her mom gasped slouching in her chair like someone took a bag off 100 bricks off her back
"i need to talk to this boy one of you guys' breaks.." her dad said. She nodded
"were just happy its not some emo druggie.." her mom said Bri started laughing
"well have fun girls.." her mom said walking us out to the door. Bri lifted the suitcases and kissed her mom on the cheek and we walked out and she put her bag in the trunk and i put Jesse in the back and we were off

You know my name not my story.

Staying Up Late On Witty In My Sweats and Eating Some Ice Cream, With My Cell Phone By My Side Waiting For You To Text Me, Yup Just An Average Weekend For Me. <3

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