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Im so hurt By You But some how able to Cry with a smile on my face

day three
mom& dad

even though we fight like crazy i still love you guys, you mean the world to me. And everytime we fight i feel like a brat if i could take it back  would but i cant i am truly sorry for everything i have done wrong these past 16 years.. I am so grateful for everything that you have done for me i love you both♥




It's as simple as that. ā™”

day four: siblling

Oh Boy. well lets just say that you are very unique person. but i love ya anyways. even though we fight, i can talk to you about anything. you are an amasing sister- most of the time- and i hope we will stay close forever
i wish i new what i did wrong, i wish we could talk like we did, i wish we could go back to before but most of all i wish we were still best friends </3
One Day
this quote would be on the top quotes
no font, no colors
as simple as that

Never forget yesterday, but always live for today, because you never know what tomorrow can bring
or what it can take away. ♥
ignites in my veins, and I pray it never fades, in white houses.

I lied. . .Wrote my injuries all in the dust.

In my
heart is the five of us
white houses.

This probably never happens to anyone else, but, that awkward moment when the boy you like asks you to write a song about him and he doesn't realize you've already written 50 love songs about him.....
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