Quotes added on Friday, March 18 2011

gotta get down on
f r i d a y

Boys are players that's a fact , don't be sad just play them back <3

Bum Tralala 



The Best Way To Make People

Remember You?

Borrow  money  from  them . 


The New Witty.
Who Else?

I can't make you love me if you don't...

 I promised not to fall for you - Sorry I crossed my fingers

Too Many People Are Doing Witty Things?
I'm SO mad! I need a new Fb Status!

if home is where the heart is,
then my home is where

you are

-Relient K

Cause i'm moving on, letting go, holding to tomorrow. I've always got the memories, but i'm finding out who i'm gonna be. WE might be apart but i hope you always know, you will be with me, where ever i go. <3


i love singing this song with josh, lauren, & jordan. expecially when i'm singing it WAY to loud down the hallway, without a care. (:
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