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I Hate Boys...
But Boys Love Me
I Think They Suck
And My Friends Agree
~christina aguilara

Be who you want to be;;

not what others want to see

okay so have a problem please help...

i fell in love with this guy, and alot of things happened, i mean alot i cant even explain it all, but now he moved to florida b,c of reasons and truth came out and he had his friend who he also had feeling for, and now hes with her and he live down south and she lives up here, and it really sucks like i have no words b.c we went through all this stuff and now nothing, and he told me that he misses me and stuff and all i do is keep think ing about him and i miss him so much and my friends said i changed so much and idk what to doo...please hellp should i talk to him or just let this goo how ever hard it will be

not my format.

please read this.

especially if your thinking of hurting yourself in any way.

i know right now you may feel like no one loves you. yeah, life can be tough on you. but everything always ends with a happy ending- so if your not happy, it's not the end. 

its strange and sad when someone kills themselves because they think no one loved them. if you knew someone like that, you'll know how wrong they were. 

there was a boy in my school who commited suicide two years ago. 
now, on his facebook page, he gets talked to everyday, even though its been so long.

no one forgot him.

so PLEASE. think about what you are going to do before you do it. someone, somewhere thinks about you every night and would do anything for you. you are never, EVER alone.

I LOVE YOU. if you need someone to talk to, i'm here. please don't leave this earth. we need you.


Please don't mess with me cause of my user name....it's kinda an inside thing...I would really appreciate it! thank you ^_^

You cant spell 

Hey! I like you! Grr... why can't I say that to his face?
i hope you know
a lot
for me to 
 lose <3
I'll Love You From
                            Winter To Spring
                                                       Spring To Summer
                                                                                     Summer To Fall
                                                              Fall To Winter
And Alllllllllllllllllllllllll The Way Backk . . .

-all minee
I wish you would
actually take the time to 
actually notice

 me for once.

credit to me! :) aka. ilovetaytayswift ♥
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