Quotes added on Monday, March 21 2011

Good bye, snow, mittens, and coats
Hello, bikinis, flip flops and sun

            we touch I get

               this feeling ♥

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

and you know what I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way.
I don't care if you're fluffy or skinny.
I don't care if you're from the projects or really wealthy.
I don't care if you're average, nerdy, or "popular."
I don't care if you're girly or haven't worn a dress in your life.
I don't even care if no one likes you.
To me, I think your beautiful because you are you.
and no one else can be you.
And that alone is beautiful.

If you want to get jacked, eat peanuts. do you know why?! who eats peanuts!? elephants. bears. they're massive.

: I  feel caged in my mind

, it's like my flow doing

time, i goes crazy in side

but when it comes

out its fine, like wine


I  Don't Care if  You

n'like me,


I wasn't put on this Earth
to please  You


i felt it inside
that burning feeling
the loving sensation
the want to hold him

the imbarrasment to look
strait into his eyes
the heartbreak he gave me
when he told me goodbye

but deep in my hand
my pain splinters away
as the razor digs deep
and there i fade.


she says that shes my best friend after she......
          stole the guy i liked
                     spread rumors about me
                           and made me look like a charity case in front of my new crush.

yepp. shes a keeper :/

I will stand by you
I will help you through.
when you've done all you can do,
And you can't cope.
I will dry your eyes,
I will fight your fight,
I will hold you tight.
And I won't let go, Oh I'm gonna hold you.
And i won't let go.


sorry can't replace the scars on my wrist.


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