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He's not even here with me but I can't get him off my mind.
These silly butterflies just wont go away



it's not my fault i fell for you,
you tripped me.

Nicki Minaj;
Nicki Lewensky, Nicki the Ninja, Nicki the Boss, Nicki the Harajuku Barbie.

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mmaaaan, skool's about to start & that means ; all new drama ! woppiieee ! < NOT ! It feels like noone loves me anymore, my mom yells at me, my dad is too busy at work, my brother's in his own world & my sister is mad at me & i didn't do anything to her ! I think my friends had a party without me 'cause i said i wanted to be alone this whole week < so i really shouldn't be blaming them for it.... someone help me ! Im all alone ! Someone please tell me it's gonna be okay </3 :'( im loosing hope .. and the quote i made before about the fake aacount, that guy never mssged me back so i just deleted the account ..

I want a Jelena relationship..
where people try to bring us down but we don't care.
where everyone's jealous that i have you.
where all we do is have fun. <3

not my format*

If you seek peace,
first prepare for war.

He pushed me...
He shoved me...
He punched me...
He slapped me...
He smacked me...
He laughed at me...
So why did I fall for him?

Please Don't Break My Heart
Please Don't Leave MeLonely
Stay With Me Forever
I Belong With You <3

Song Lyrics,

"I don't  do

fashion, i am


coco chanel

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