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PLEASE READ!!! I need help!!!
See, I'm good friends with a guy named Greg, and we took a math test today. He got a D and was super mad because his parents get mad when he gets bad grades. so I said your parents will understand he said they won't. Then he told me that his parents hit him with a belt when he's bad. I found this really surprising, because I've never been around child abuse. Then my friend Josh came over and said his parents hurt him all the time, that it was normal. My parents have never hit me. Ever.

Tell me what I should do. Should I tell my mom? Tell anyone? Keep it to myself??? I don't know! Please help me :)

Follow @YouCanSoRelate on Twitter!!
Follow @YouCanSoRelate on Twitter!!

I don't ask you if
could do something,
for you to tell me to ask someone else.

Follow @YouCanSoRelate on Twitter!!
Follow @YouCanSoRelate on Twitter!!
That 'sup' nod you give to random kids who think their gangsters.
I Laugh,

I Smile,

I live,

A Lie

My knight in shining armor,

turned out to be a loser in aluminum foil.

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