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                  Ever heard of that?

&I want you to be my everything.
I know that sounds risky, but I feel that I can make you my everything.
Because I know you're the
only one who deserve to be my everything, and the only one I want to be my everything.


Meet me halfway, right at the boarderline
that's where I'm gonna wait, for you
I'll be lookin' out, night n day         ____xx
    took my heart to the limit, and this is where I'll stay   
I   can't   go     ( (   any further   ) )    then   this
I     want     you     so      bad     it's     my     only     wish

i think it's adorable; his flaws. and he is not afraid of them. baby you inspire me:]

And maybe
should've done
things differently
But I
didn't and we parted ways

Today ...

I ran a whole mile without stopping.
i achieved a small goal under a big dream.
my best friend helped me.
and i loved every second of it.
thank you abbey rose.
you mean more to me than you will ever know.
You opened it!!Good luck!!Tonight at midnight your crush will realize they love you something good will happen between 1:00-4:oopm tomorrow it could be ANYWHERE get ready for the biggest shock of ur life lf you don't post this on u r page within 15 minutes your love life will be terrible for the next ten years!
Don't Ever Forget What Someone Tells You When Your In A FightBecause That Is The Only Time The Truth Come Out .


do  you    even  know   what    love  is?

you've been dating him for what...

three days and suddenly    xx -- > you're in love with him
love isn't something that just appears

love builds over time and a long time

&&    JusT    because    he

holds your hand;    takes you to the movies

and gives you kisses and hugs

doesn't mean he loves you & you don't love him
love is stronger than

love builds slowly;  in a lifetime

not in a

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