Quotes added on Monday, March 28 2011

Dirty Bit
black eyed peas♥

i totally expect my last words to be

"hey i wonder what this button does!"

Did you know if someone is in your dream that they went to sleep thinking about or they miss you?
And guess what?
He was in my dream last night.

But I'm in Witty


 And he just has those piercing eyes,

That look like they can see right to

your soul<3



That's cute,
how you think he's all sweet and oh just so perfect.
He's a player.
He plays girls.
it's what he does.
He played me.
He played the girl before me.
He played the girls after me.
And sweetheart, he's gonna play you.

And then he's off to the next one...

I used to think having a boyfriend would be everything

then I realized just he is

my everything ā¤

My heart sinks at every mention of her name.
I wish I knew why. . .


This quote does not exist.

</3 I hate it when you leave </3


<3 i love it when you smile and say see you later <3

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