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 i wish  that adults could understand that they Don't understand what we are going through...(they are from a completely different era!) :Z

ill tell everyone im fine&& maybe trick my mind


& He said:

all i know is she still has a small little spot in my heart where it just says that she meant something to me

 & I said:
Which hurts. 

(He's talking about his ex.) I died a bit when he said this.  :/


This quote does not exist.
                                     your smile
                                                    is the reason
                                                        why I'm still holding on♥

Please come back.

                                                                 Angel from my nightmare. ♥   


hey, yeah, you over there....

want to be the peanut to my butter.. ? ;)

the rain to my bow..? ;)

the sun to my shine..? :)


Dont You Love  It When You Forget You rPassWord



So were teenagers.
We fall in love too often, too easily, and too hard for our own good;
we don't
listen to the people that we value the opinion of most; we hurt the people we love.
 And we make the same mistakes over and over.

We do things no one can explain, including us


not mine

it was a tuesday,
when i caught your eye 

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