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 K n o w i n g _a_ secret b y _S n e a k i n g,
f e e l i n g_l i k e _a_ spy.


& the smell of burning hair  fingers
in the morning.


I can't wait to meet that perfect guy<3

The one that's so sweet.
The one that can always make me laugh.
The one that can cheer me up when I'm down.
The one that's super cute.
The one that writes and sings me love songs.
The one that is always there for me.
The one that makes me feel beautiful.
The one that is very romantic.

Oh wait, this isn't a fairytale. I was getting way too ahead of myself.

Love is like speed bumps

It may be rocky getting over the bumps in our relationship, but we manage to get over them.


I poured my heart out.
Now i regret opening my mouth.

You never lose by loving.
You always lose by holding back.              
                                  not my quote.



Dream as you'll live forever. 

Live as you'll die today. 





Dear Girl,
if he pauses a video game to text you back.
Marry Him.

Don't make someone your absolute everything;
when they leave, you have nothing.

that awkwarmoment when
when you type your password
in the username slot by mistake
---and  your  friend  sees--- 

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