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Confession # 4

I honestly don't get why I don't trust you.
Maybe it's because of the way I see you be "Buddy-Buddy" with someone,
then talk freaking bad about them behind their back.
& I mean everyone you do this to.

and love darlin?
is a song  that never   e n d s

remember...we made promises on soda tops to be by eachothers side until the end?

remember...staying up late, baking those chocolate chip cookies, and laughing hysterically?

remember...the tears we cried upon eachother and we embraced our pinkys to make promises to not share our secrets?

remember...the jonas brothers? all the posters, and remember the road trips and us almost wetting out freakin pants?

remember...the the days where everything was going wrong and you could always make it better?

remember...holloween and chirstmas...

remember...when i rolled over your arm with a skateboard on accident trying to roll down your driveway...the first day we ever hung out?

Remember... going on omegle and doing the craziest things?

remember...me? the one that was there for you No matter what... the one that would lie for you, die for you, stand up for you? never ever replace you?

remember...what i told you..everything. and its almost like your replacing me now...it feels like its over, its done but you know me, i dont give up, i have never gaven up on anything i do and im sure as hell not giving up on you. 

but youo have to see...its hard to continue like this...you have no clue what its like to be like me...so lonley. 

remember...those memories can never be replaced, and there worth so much...so please stop and think about us, about me....and dont throw em in the trash...just remember...before you think any further



Now its too late.
and we cant look back
im SORRY im not perfect
    Who Else. . . n i n j a
h i g h l i g h t s   e v e r y   q u o t e   t h i n k i n g   t h a t   t h e r e ' s   g o i n g   t o   b e   a   s e c r e t   m e s s a g e   i n s i d e ? 

I finally got his sweatshirt
and it smells SO GOOD.
mwahah ;)


I'm sorry Adrian.
For everything I've done. Yes, I admit that I have flirted with other guy before, but you're the only one I think about and want to be with. You might now believe me, but I swear, I never once wrote that note. I swear on you. I'd say my life, but you are and so much more. I love you Adrian, and I just wish you knew.

& every girl has that one guy, they can never get over..</3

Just keep swimming
         Just keep swimming
                  Just keep swimming
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